Whatsapp apk

We mostly listen to the word Watsapp by even a child and it is not something very unexpected because it is a fast-changing world of technology. Whatsapp is a word which is very common and everyone has it. Now let me tell you what watsapp Apk is?

Whatsapp is basically a messenger which is free and people from all over the world can make phone calls audio and video, chat with their family, friends, livened anywhere in the world. This messenger is available in any smartphone and iPhone. You can easily install this app from play store if you are using a smartphone and for iPhone, you can install this app from the app store.

This is one of the best and easiest ways of keeping in touch with your family, friends worldwide. More than 1 billion people from around 180 countries utilizing the services of WhatsApp and the ratio is increasing.


The abbreviation of APK is an Android Package. It is basically a package file format that is actually used by the operating system of Android. The installation and distribution of middleware and mobile apps is done by WhatsApp APK. To other packages of software, the APK files are analogous that includes Microsoft Windows has APPX and a package of Debian that is the operating system Debian based.

Whatsapp APK is Secure or not?

For the Android App executable files, the name which has been used is APK. The sharing of APK file is huge in quantity so we do not have an idea whether it is safe or not/ you can easily download it from the Amazon store or from Play store. If you are installing the Apk from other sources than the play store then you must enable the settings first.

If you want to install the apk file which was downloaded outside from the Google play store then you must need to enable the unknown sources. It can easily be enabled by Google then application either from settings then security

Latest Version of Whatsapp Apk

You can now experience the most exciting and latest version of messenger that has made chatting and interacting with people much easier. This messenger is no doubt very safe and secure. You can easily do the instant messaging, sending photos and videos by just connecting to the internet. To make this chatting more interesting you can select the GIF and emotions from the given huge collection.

These emotions and GIF has made the messaging more interesting and it is also less confusing. Now calling and chatting has become very easy and people around the globe are not far anymore. The integral component of an app is the security. In this upper version of WhatsApp Apk, the users can easily add the features of privacy according to their demand. You are allowed to encrypt your chat anytime and you are not restricted for that.

Features of Whatsapp Apk

Following are some of the best features of Whatsapp Apk

  • You can easily communicate with people anywhere in the world.
  • Groups of up to 50 people can easily be created.
  • It is completely safe and secure and different levels of privacy are available.